Fuzzy Hut Pet Bed

Whisper City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut Bed from Petsmart with fuzzy hanging toy in doorway

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Super Snuggles for Furry Friends

Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut Bed with back half of Chihuahua dog sticking out
  • What: Fuzzy Hut Pet Bed
  • When: Nap time for pets
  • Why: Cozy, comfy, cute
  • Where: Amazon or Petsmart

It will come as no surprise that our pets are spoiled rotten. In addition to these items from their life of luxury, they also have yet another sleeping option. Thanks to the Furhaven Pet Bed, they can lounge around living the good life any time they choose.

Furhaven Cozy Cave Pet Bed on Amazon

Our fuzzy tent pet bed has been a huge hit. It is covered in light pink faux fur that makes it super soft to the touch. Both the inside and outside have the same soft, fuzzy feel. It also has a fluffy removable cushion inside covered in the same material. The cushion stays attached thanks to an anchor point, so pets can’t remove it. Loose dirt and fur shake out easily. Some pets will love the hanging fuzzy ball toy, while the pink loop on top of the tent makes it easy to pick up and move around anytime. You can get a similar version on Amazon that folds flat for easy storage and travel, and also comes with a removable hanging toy.

White albino ferret in Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut bed from Petsmart
All of our critters love to snooze in this bed.

We bought our Whisker City Ombre Pyramid Hut Bed from PetSmart on a whim, thinking one of our many pets would love it. Boy, do they ever. Both our small Chihuahua mix dog and two ferrets can’t get enough of it. They love to cuddle up in the fuzzy interior for hours on end. It also provides some shade and darkness for better snoozing. While our pets snooze the day away, this adorable pet bed looks cute, too. If you want your pet to sleep in the lap of luxury, get them their own fuzzy hut pet bed.

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