Squishies Animal Toys

Squishies soft rubbery animal toys in clear plastic bucket

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Squishies bucket of soft animals with three squishies on top of lid
  • What: Squishies Animal Toys
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Adorable, affordable, available in large quantities
  • Where: Amazon

Need some party favors kids will love that won’t break the bank? Want a non edible treat to hand out at your next school event? Perhaps you’d like an alternative to candy or treats at your next party, or even an alternative to all that sugar on Halloween. If so, get your own bucket of Squishies.

KINGYAO Squishies 24 Piece Party Favor Pack on Amazon

This clear plastic bucket comes with 24 soft animals, each just a bit smaller than a golf ball, in multiple pastel colors. You get a random selection in a variety of animal shapes. Possibilities include hedgehogs, bunnies, chicks, panda bears, cats, fish, and more. They can be squeezed, pulled, and generally mauled but still return to their original shape. While dirt and fuzz cling to the slightly sticky surface, they rinse clean easily.

Squishies squishy soft animal shapes toys for kids
These soft creatures come in all sorts of different animal shapes.

My son has handed out these small, colorful animals as his birthday treat for two years in a row. All the kids love the funny animals and squishable texture. The variety means each child gets their own animal to squeeze, toss, and handle. Want even more fun? Get the glow in the dark version, so the fun lasts long after the lights go out.

Let your child spread joy when they hand out these tiny adorable jelly-like critters.

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