Bubble Gun Blower

Orange clownfish bubble blower mouth with bubble mechanism

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Blast the Bubble Fun

Bubble gun blower shooter child's toy orange translucent clownfish shaped gun with bubble container attached

  • What: Bubble Gun Blower
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, easy to use
  • Where: Amazon

Our bubble machine finally bit the dust after many years of love and use. So when my son saw a replacement at a recent event, he jumped at the chance to automate bubble blowing once again. We picked up a Bubble Gun Blower and he’s been thrilled ever since.

Haktoys Jurassic Dinosaur Bubble Gun Shooter on Amazon

This animal-shaped bubble blower comes in lots of colors and options. From dinosaurs to clownfish, you can find a shape your child will love. Each one comes with two or three small translucent resealable containers of bubbles. The whole thing runs on three AA batteries, which come included on most options, so kids can start playing as soon as they pay.

Eight year old shooting orange clownfish shaped bubble blower
My son can’t get enough of this light up bubble blower.

Take the lid off the container and attach the bubble liquid to the gun at the base. Then let kids loose with all the bubble fun. One container lasted us the better part of a weekend with lots of use. Even better, if you don’t want to buy replacement bubble fluid, you can mix your own. The entire thing weighs so little that kids can hold it without getting tired.

Orange clownfish shaped bubble gun blower toy for kids with bubble container attached
The three AA batteries go inside the handle.

Fair warning, though. This bubble gun also plays music and lights up. The lights make it super fun in the dark, but the music can be irritating. Get one without sound (like the dinosaur one above) if you don’t love repetitive noises. I don’t usually recommend cheap plastic toys, but the delight and low price point here outweighs my reluctance. And if it stops working, it makes it much easier to get rid of it.

Eleven year old boy and eight year old boy playing with orange clownfish light up bubble blower
Even my oldest son loves this bubble blower, and we’ve used it both indoors and out.

My eight year old loves this bubble gun. It hasn’t gotten clogged yet, though it usually takes a few seconds to start spewing bubbles in a stream. He can watch the bubbles indefinitely, aiming them up, down, and all around, and seeing how long they last. He even had a go at cleaning off his boots by spraying them with bubble liquid.

If you want loads of bubbles on the go with minimal work, get your child their own bubble gun.

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