Mr. Wolf’s Class Book

Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel book cover by Aron Nels Steinke

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First Day of School Fun

Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel book cover by Aron Nels Steinke
  • What: Mr. Wolf’s Class Graphic Novel
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, heartfelt, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Have an elementary school child who needs some new reading material? Maybe you’ve changed schools, and your child could use a light-hearted book about making new friends. Perhaps you want to allay some fears about new teachers, new routines, or just enjoy a good read. No matter the excuse, meet Mr. Wolf’s Class by Aron Nels Steinke.

Mr. Wolf’s Class book on Amazon

This graphic novel works great for young readers. It features the newest teacher at Hazelwood Elementary School, Mr. Wolf. Not shockingly, he’s an actual wolf, with a class full of different animals for students. Quick chapters, brightly colored illustrations, and simple text make this read a great selection. The book covers the first day of school for one class, as the kids take the bus, visit the library, have lunch, and more.

Page from Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel
Margot, the new kid at school, is one of many characters in this fourth grade class at Hazelwood Elementary.

Parents will love the representation of a wide variety of names and cultures here, while kids enjoy the different animals. Since the students dress, talk, and act like people, kids have no trouble identifying with their favorites. Each student has a different background and story in this fourth grade class, from the new student to the one with a new baby brother. Best of all, this graphic novel approaches everything with a dose of light-hearted humor both kids and adults can enjoy. 

Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel page spread
This graphic novel sneaks in some math and other fun facts for kids.

My eight year old son received this book as a birthday gift. It migrated immediately from the floor where he opened the present to the coffee table, and I still don’t know which of our kids read it. I suspect all three, including the eleven year old, the ten year old, and the birthday boy. It has a wide age appeal with lots of aspects kids can relate to, especially at the beginning of a new school year. The book also introduces some fun facts and sneaks in a few math problems. Buy the books individually or get all five and enjoy school topics like Field Trips, Snow Days, and more.

Back cover of Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel by Aron Nels Steinke
This book brings together a variety of different animals in one classroom.

Whether you want some quality material for school readiness or just another book for your child to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Wolf’s Class.

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