Best of August 2022

Packing spare clothing for kids in Ziploc bag, Four First Games in one box, Clue Junior board game for kids

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Old and New Favorites

Packing spare clothing for kids in Ziploc bag, Four First Games in one box, Clue Junior board game for kids
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If you’ve read any of the last four months “Best of” posts, you’ll already have seen the most popular reads here at Practically Apparent. August brought zero surprises, with the exact same three posts refusing to budge from the top spots: Hemnes Daybed, Battleship Shots, and Twin Mattresses. To mix it up a little, we’re bringing you the next three favorites, just to share the love and keep it interesting. Enjoy these helpful hints about keeping kids clean and clothed, as well as a couple more popular games for families.

Preschooler spare clothes for school laid out folded

Packing Spare Clothes: Ever found yourself out and about with a kid who fell in a pond and got covered in mud? Maybe you have a child prone to motion sickness. We’ve all been there, and these hints for packing spare outfits can help you make the best of a bad situation, all without buying extra clothes. 

CLue Junior board laid out ready to play

Clue Junior: This spin on the family classic lets the entire family play together. All ages can race to be the first to figure out who ate the cake, with what drink, and at what time. Collect clues by moving any of the brightly colored pieces around the board to peek under furniture or one of the pawns. Handy pictorial clue sheets mean there’s no reading required, while at the same time helping kids develop literacy skills and game strategy.

Four First Games box lid from Ravensburger with four flowers, a bird, a tree, a colored die, and one playing piece shown on the cover of the box

Four Games in One Box: Perfect for the littlest family members, this box contains four different games. Introduce your youngster to the fun of board games. With each game increasing in complexity, kids can learn valuable skills like identifying colors and taking turns. Let kids pick the game and everyone wins thanks to the options, all stored in one convenient box.

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