Bottle Cap Launcher

Cap Zappa orange bottle cap opener launcher tool utensil

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Shoot for the Bin

Cap Zappa orange bottle cap opener launcher tool utensil
  • What: Bottle Cap Launcher
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fun, useful, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

We love to highlight useful toys here at Practically Apparent. Today’s selection proves no exception, but keep in mind this item is intended for adults, with plenty of fun to make it appealing to younger audiences as well. Introducing the Bottle Cap Launcher.

Cap Zappa Bottle Opener on Amazon

What’s not to love about a tool that adds fun to a mundane task? All ages can enjoy cracking open a bottle and firing the cap to see how far it goes. Or aim for the trash can, and see if you can score a direct hit, without ever needing to leave your seat. It comes with a convenient key chain attachment so you never have to worry about losing this handy tool.

Cap Zappa bottle cap opener launcher tool utensil in orange
Opening a bottle loads the launcher.

The  bright orange color makes it easy to find in even the most crowded utensil drawer. Simply use the included bottle cap opener to pop the lid on your beverage. That action loads the launcher, which can propel the cap up to 18 feet. Surprise your guests, delight friends, or buy two and let your kids challenge each other to see who can shoot further or hit the target first.

Cap Zappa bottle cap opener launcher tool utensil
Bottle caps stay safely stowed until ready for launch, and can be manually reloaded over and over again.

Want your kids to get excited about setting up a Parent Lounge and bringing you delicious drinks? Grab a six pack of your favorite bottled beverage and give them this bottle cap launcher and let the good times roll for the entire family.

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