Yarn Webs

God's eye weavings yarn webs in orange and yellow crafted by seven year old kid

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Spin Some Festive Fall Decor

God's eye weavings yarn webs in orange and yellow crafted by seven year old kid
  • What: Yarn Webs
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy, affordable, fun
  • Where: At home

Looking to get into the Halloween spirit? Maybe you want to get your kids in on the fall decor action. Or perhaps you just want to use up the spare yarn leftover from a weaving project. If you have yarn or string and sticks, your kid can make their own Yarn Web. 

God's eye weaving yellow yarn spider web
My son made his first web weaving at school.

Kids love this easy hands-on project, and the final product looks great, too. All you need to get started is three sticks, as much string or yarn as you can find, and some time. Can’t find any sticks in your yard or the local park? Try leftover chopsticks, pencils, or anything else you have laying around. Sticks that have the same length and diameter work well together, but any mix will do.

Seven year old starting a yarn web weaving
Wind the string between the sticks at the center to hold them in place.

Start by crossing the three sticks at the center of each one. Holding them in place, wrap the yarn around the middle to secure them. Your child may need a partner or an adult to help with this step, the trickiest part of the process. Wind the yarn around opposite sides multiple times, then switch to the next pair of gaps between sticks. Once you’ve got all six gaps tightly wound, the three sticks should stay in place without being held.

Continue weaving the yarn around each stick until you finish. You can also use two or four sticks if you prefer.

Now kids can start weaving their web. Without cutting the yarn, simply wrap the yarn all the way around each stick before continuing to the next branch. Continue moving around the web in the same direction until you run out of string or reach the end of the stick. The finished web will have two sides.

Eight year old kid holding up orange and yellow homemade god's eye web
Kids can display the weaving showing the wrapped sticks, as shown here, or the opposite side.

On the underneath portion, you can see the yarn wrapped sticks with the webbing in between. The opposite side will showcase only the web. Kids can choose to hang their creations to display whichever side they prefer. Or lay them along a table, prop them up on a shelf, or put them outside to bring a little homemade whimsy to your decor.

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