Axolotl Squishable

Axolotl Squishables Jumob and mini size in stack with homemade Axolotl

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Sweet Salamander Stuffed Animals

Axolotl Squishables Jumob and mini size in stack with homemade Axolotl

  • What: Axolotl Squishable
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Adorable, super soft, irresistible
  • Where: Amazon

Ever heard of an axolotl? These amphibious creatures are all the rage with kids. With their coral -like fins and sweet faces, they’ve charmed audiences of all ages across the globe. And now you can get the popular creature in an Axolotl Squishable.

Squishable Mini Baby Axolotl on Amazon

These adorable pale pink creatures come in two sizes. Both have the same soft pink fur and the characteristic round shape of Squishables. The jumbo size measures 22 inches long, and has a shiny white fin running the length of its back from head to tail. Darker pink plush coral-like fins sprout from either side of this salamander’s head, increasing the cute factor. The mini axolotl measures around 7 inches across, and has thicker felt fins attached to the sides of head, but otherwise remains a scaled down version of the jumbo.

Eight year old kid opening Squishable Mini Axolotl stuffed animal birthday present
My son received both sizes for his birthday and couldn’t be happier.

My son received both the jumbo and the mini axolotl Squishables for his recent birthday and he cannot get enough of them. He loves having his axolotl family, and takes one or both with him nearly everywhere we go. They work great as pillows, back support, or just to cuddle. He’s even used his as a booster seat to ride around with his older sister on their pedal three wheeler. Their superb fluffiness appeals to a wide variety of ages.

My son takes both his axolotls with him wherever he can.

Don’t want a Squishable? They also come in a variety of other plush toys, so you can pick your price point, size, and color. Get one for your axolotl-loving child and let the love abound.

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