LEGO Minecraft Farm

LEGO Minecraft The Big Red Barn set assembled

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Bring the Big Red Barn Home

LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn Set assembled

  • What: LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn Set
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Lots of figures, opens up to play
  • Where: Amazon

My youngest son recently celebrated his birthday. He has loved farms for what feels like forever, and like his two older siblings, can never get enough LEGO. In the last year or so, he has also developed an obsession with Minecraft. So when his siblings stumbled across this LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn Set shopping for his birthday, we upped their birthday budget to get it for him.

LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn Set on Amazon

This LEGO Minecraft set contains almost 800 pieces and combines almost all his favorite things. Once completed, it includes a big red barn that opens to reveal a hay loft, livestock stalls, and more. Figures include a Minecraft rancher, villager, and baby zombie. It also has plenty of animals to populate the farm, including a horse, cow, baby cow, goat, and chicken. An attached outdoor space features space for animals to enjoy fresh air as well as a garden with potatoes that “grow.” 

LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn set assembled with barn shown open
Once assembled, the red barn opens for endless play opportunities.

My son couldn’t wait to get started on this set. He assembled the entire thing the day he got it, and loves opening the barn to play. The little touches, like the haystacks to feed the cows and the opening gates on the livestock stalls thrill him no end. It also looks great even when not in play. The bright red color pops against the gray roof and white accents. Even kids who don’t give a whit about Minecraft can enjoy all the details on this set.

LEGO Minecraft The Red Barn Set outdoor area with potatoes in garden
The gates on the fence open and close, while the brown knob makes the potatoes pop up out of the ground.

Now if only it had an axolotl, it would be tailor made for our kid. As it stands, it’s one of his two favorite gifts from his birthday. If you’ve got a child who loves LEGO, Minecraft, or farms, this set is sure to please.

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