Little Live Pets Chameleon

Little Live Pets Sunny the Chameleon light up interactive pet

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Interactive Animal ToyLittle Live Pets Sunny the Chameleon light up interactive pet

  • What: Little Life Pets Chameleon
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Interactive, entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid desperate for a pet but don’t want to commit to a living creature? Perhaps your child loves animals, but your lifestyle doesn’t have room for any reptiles. Get all the fun and more of owning a pet with none of the hassle thanks to Little Live Pets Chameleon. 

Little Live Pets Chameleon on Amazon

This charming little pet named Sunny changes color depending on her mood. Pet her on the head to make her happy, and she turns rainbow colored. But watch out. Too much petting and this chameleon can get irritable, indicated by turning red. Feed her using your finger and make sure she stays healthy. Or chat with this tiny pet, and listen to her respond with adorable noises.

Little Live Pets Sunny Bright Light Chameleon interactive light up dancing pet
This little pet has lots of interactive options.

Each of the pet’s four feet come with a suction cup, so kids can attach her to any smooth surface. Turn on music and watch her dance with delight, changing colors to the beat. Despite the hard interior that makes all these interactions possible, this chameleon boasts soft, squishy skin kids will love to touch over and over again. Two different modes let kids choose how they want to play. Party mode includes dancing to the beat, while Nurture Mode includes petting, feeding, and reacting to voices.

Seven year old child petting Little Live Pets Sunny the Chameleon toy
My son loves petting, feeding, and playing with his pet.

My son got this little pet as a gift for his eighth birthday, and he loves it. He spent so much time petting this little guy, some of the pink color rubbed off the chameleon’s head ridge. He enjoyed making her dance to the tune, and watching all the different colors change. Measuring about six inches long, kids can pack this toy to take out and about or enjoy all the features at home. Batteries come included so kids can play right away.

Enjoy all the perks of pet ownerships with none of the drawbacks thanks to this adorable little chameleon.

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