My Audio Pet Speaker

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Tiny Tunes to GoMy Audio Pet Speaker Slow Jam Sloth next to Little Live Pets Sunny the Chameleon

  • What: My Audio Pet Speaker
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Tiny, adorable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves listening to books, music, and more but can’t stand wearing headphones or earbuds? Maybe you want a tiny, portable speaker that can move freely about the house wherever your child goes. If you want big sound in an adorable package, get your own My Audio Pet Wireless Speaker.

My Audio Pet Bluetooth Wireless Speaker on Amazon

These tiny speakers come in a variety of fun animal shapes. Each one boasts a big sound in a small package. Measuring about the size of a golf ball, the speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to any device, such as phones and tablets. Use one to get music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more in any room of the house, or even outdoors. Want surround sound? Pick your favorite two pets and indulge in the full stereo sound. 

These tiny speakers come packed with personality.

Kids love the adorable pet designs, and all ages can enjoy the high quality sound. Easy to pack and carry anywhere, these speakers stay charged from four to six hours depending on volume and distance from the source. Each one includes a charging cord, making it easy to keep them ready to go anytime. Choose from a sloth, an elephant, a seal, a unicorn, and many more. Want even more fun? Pair one of these tiny speakers with Little Live Pets Chameleon and watch the pet light up and dance to the music.

Perfect for small spaces, or frequent travel, these little pets can go anywhere you go. Enjoy high quality sound in a fraction of the space thanks to this tiny wireless pet speaker.

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