Minecraft Weapon Toys

Minecraft armor weapons sword and pickaxe diamond armor toys

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Bring the Game to LifeMinecraft Weapon Toy 1

  • What: Minecraft Weapon Toys
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Lightweight, durable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Have trouble prying your kid away from their Minecraft game? Want to inspire their creativity during offscreen activities, too, but Minecraft LEGO not doing the job? Try handing them their own Minecraft Weapon Toy crafted just like the game and see where the action takes your child’s imagination.

Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory on Amazon

These plastic weapons come in a variety of styles, including swords and pickaxes. Each type comes in different styles, such as Netherite, diamond, and more, so your child can choose their favorite. The plastic keeps the weapons sturdy and makes them weather resistant. Yet the hollow material won’t injure anyone should your child get involved in a battle for survival. 

Minecraft pickaxe t
Choose from a variety of different types and styles to arm your little gamer.

Measuring about 18 inches, these weapons make great accessories for Halloween costumes that last well beyond the trick or treating and fall festival fun. My son received two for his birthday, and loves brandishing them as well as showing them off to anyone who will take notice. Want a little more firepower? Try the Nerf Minecraft Blaster Bow or the Nerf Minecraft Dart-Blasting Hammer and take their Minecraft play to the next level.

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