Spooky Spiders

HEXBUG Spider remote control toy in green crawling on top of book

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Seasonal Selections for Kids

HEXBUG Spider remote control toy in green crawling on top of book
  • What: Spooky Spiders
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Fun, wide age variety, hands on
  • Where: At home

Want to add some spooky fun for your youngster this Halloween season? Maybe you want to get in the fall spirit with easy decorations, creepy crawlies, or seasonally themed apps. If you want more spiders in your life without finding them unexpectedly in a corner or running along the wall, check out these fun yet creepy alternatives.

God's eye weavings yarn webs in orange and yellow crafted by seven year old kid

Yarn Webs: Let kids loose with some basic crafting supplies and watch what happens. Combine sticks of any type with yarn or string and kids can create these beautiful webs. These decorations will last long beyond Halloween to brighten up any space and bring a bit of whimsy to your home.

Little Spider orange finger puppet board book

Finger Puppet Books: Got a little one who wants to explore spiders without a fright? These fun books come with a built-in finger puppet, including a spider. Use your finger to move the puppet around and bring even more fun to these short, boxy board books. Or let your kids have the fun of animating the puppet while you read the text. You can both enjoy these books together long after Halloween ends.

Seek app homescreen by iNaturalist nature identify plants and animals app for kids

Seek App for Kids: If your child wants to know the difference between a tarantula and a common spider, this app lets them explore their own backyard and beyond. Use a device with a camera to take a photo of spiders, bugs, plants, and more. Then let the app tell you all about what you’ve found, from the type to the diet and more. Participate in monthly challenges and see how many species your child can collect.

HEXBUG Spider in green with two button remote control

Hexbug Spider: This remote-controlled arachnid brings the joy of a spier without any of the terror. Use the included remote to move the spider along almost any surface. The two-channel remote lets kids control more than one spider, in case one isn’t enough. They come in five different translucent colors so kids can pick their favorite.

Spider caught inside bug vacuum clear container

Eating With a Spider: Want to invite a spider to dinner? If you prefer living creatures to robotic ones, don’t hesitate to enjoy an actual spider thanks to this handy bug vacuum. The clear container keeps bugs, spiders, and other small creatures safely tucked inside where kids can watch all the action. It even includes a magnifying lid to get up close and personal while still keeping critters contained.

Itsy bitsy spider interactive book app by duck duck moose screen shot opening scene

Itsy Bitsy Spider Interactive Book: If your child can’t get enough of the Itsy Bitsy Spider song, introduce them to this interactive book. The electronic book sings the song on repeat, with each line featuring a different screen with interactive elements that reinforce learning. From counting nuts collected by a squirrel to a frog popping out of the grass, kids can explore all the different moving animations. Best of all, since this Duck Duck Moose app takes up no space, you can have it handy for almost any situation.

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