Would You Rather Books

Would You Rather Family Challenge Edition book by Lindsey Daly front cover

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Hypothetical What Ifs

Would You Rather Family Challenge Edition book by Lindsey Daly front cover
  • What: Would You Rather Books
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, funny, lighthearted
  • Where: Amazon

Some kids love to imagine drastic scenarios with no good outcome. Others can’t stay away from good humor. If you want to entertain your child or the whole family, check out these entertaining books like Would You Rather? Family Challenge Edition by Lindsey Daly.

Would You Rather Family Challenge Edition book on Amazon

If you’ve never played Would You Rather, now is your chance. With more than 160 questions such as “Would you rather fall face first into a hornet’s nest or a pile of horse manure?”, this book will take the entire family on a fun journey through very unlikely scenarios. Along the way, you might learn something new about your long time partner, or get more insight into how your child thinks. No matter the end result, enjoy all the hilarious things that haven’t happened yet.

Would You Rather
This book comes packed with questionable choices.

Or go one step further and play the questions as a game. With three or more players, take turns reading the questions out loud. After one minute for each player to consider, the family member reading out loud gets to choose their favorite answer, earning that player one point. Play in rounds of twenty questions or make up your own length of game. Want to try with two players? Take turns with the questions and award up to five points for the answers. Work your way through the entire book and see who wins.

Would Your Rather Family Challenge Edition book by Lindsey Daly
Choose from different categories or just go through the questions in order.

Choose from categories like sports, science, arts, geography, and more. Can’t get enough of these outlandish situations? Find 350 fun questions with The Big Book of Would You Rather for Kids or go for broke with the 500 questions between the covers of Would You Rather Game Book for Kids. You’ll likely find the questions addictively fun, so choose wisely for your child and family.

These books work great for car travel (if reading in the car doesn’t make your child motion sick). Kids can enjoy reading quietly to themselves, or get lots of practice reading each question out loud and hearing all the different answers. If you’ve ever wanted to spice up a family gathering without resorting to politics or religion, this book works wonders for that, too. All ages can enjoy the comparative challenges that fill these pages.

Would You Rather
Use these questions as a jumping off point for all sorts of discussions.

My son received the family challenge edition for his twelfth birthday, and spent the majority of a twenty minute car ride grilling the rest of the family. He was happy to blaze through the questions, but we slowed him down so each person had a chance to respond. Give your kids the gift of critical thinking combined with hilarious moments and a chance to learn more about their family members with this book packed with hypothetical and entertaining situations.

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