Little Live Pets Hamster and House

Little Live Pets Hamster in House electronic pet for kids

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Tiny Interactive Pets

Little Live Pets Hamster in House electronic pet for kids
  • What: Little Live Pets Hamster and House
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Interactive, entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a child hankering for a pet hamster, but can’t commit to caring for a live creature or consigning it to the haphazard memory of a young child, this toy works wonders. Even if your child has zero interest in the actual pet, they may still love this toy. Check out Little Live Pets Hamster.

Little Live Pets Popmello Hamster and House on Amazon

Much like Hamsters in the House, this little battery-powered hamster runs around on wheels. Unlike those toys, which come with tracks to assemble and accessories fit for any person, this toy replicates owning an actual pet. The hamster comes with a small carrier type plastic cage as well as an exercise wheel attached securely to one side. Once turned on, the small brightly colored hamster will scurry around the floor of the cage, zoom over to the exercise wheel, and set it spinning as they go. A door on the side of the cage opens to let the hamster explore outside the cage.

Little Live Pets Hamster
These tiny hamsters can use the door on the side of their cage to explore more.

Choose from three different pets, including a small white one with rainbow hair called Popmello, a pink critter named Strawbles, or a white hamster with a bright blue racing stripe down its back called Sprinkz. Each one will scurry around, starting and stopping, and make sounds. Pet them to make them squeal and giggle with delight. Only Popmello comes with the cage playset, though all three hamsters will work with it.

Eight year old child petting Little Live Pets Hamster toy
Attach the plastic play yard to give the hamster more room to run.

These tiny pets measure about two and a half inches (around 6 cm), and require zero feeding or care. We’ve had no issues with battery life so far.  Kids can return to play with them however often they like, and they don’t have to wait for the pet to get comfortable with them. Best of all, these hamsters only make noise during play, instead of being nocturnal like the actual animals.

Little Live Pets Hamster
These tiny little pets will even run on the exercise wheel.

If your child wants a pet and you want to avoid live animals, look no further than this Little Live Pet Hamster buddy.

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