Halloween in a Hurry

Pumpkin in front of Mt. Si Washington state

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Get Geared Up Today

Three kids on sidewalk in Halloween costumes penguin chicken puppy dog
  • What: Halloween in a Hurry
  • When: October 31st 2022
  • Why: Celebrate without tons of effort or expense
  • Where: At home

Want to celebrate Halloween but haven’t had time to do any decorating or buy any candy? Have no fear (except of little ghouls and goblins coming for treats), these easy ideas will get you in the spirit in a jiffy.

Plastic orange pumpkin buckets including one shaped like Tigger

Halloween Buckets: Who needs a bag when you have a bucket handy? Whether you have an orange seasonal bucket or something sitting out after the end of summer, these containers work great for trick or treating. The handles make it easy to hold, and you don’t have to worry about the bag breaking or getting wet in the rain.

Small pumpkin decorated with adhesive rhinestone stickers in shape of letter B

Bedazzle Your Pumpkin: Did you run out of time for pumpkin carving? You can still decorate your orange squash like a pro with shiny stickers or paint. Bonus points for cool designs, but really anything goes. And these jack o’ lanterns will last longer than the cut out versions.

Eight year old kid holding up orange and yellow homemade god's eye web

Yarn Webs: If you want some super quick and easy Halloween decorations, these simple yarn webs work wonders. Make as many as you want with items you already have laying around the house. Kids can work on them to stay busy until they get to go out knocking on doors. All you need is some string, yarn, or ribbon and sticks of any sort. Even pencils will work in a pinch, and voila! You’ve got yourself some spooky decor.

Large orange bowl filled with small plastic toys, stickers, sunglasses, balloons, and more for trick or treating

Halloween Treats Bowl: Whether you forgot to stock up, the store ran out of candy, or you prefer to hand out non-sugary treats, you can fill a bowl with other types of goodies. Get rid of leftover favors from your child’s last birthday, or offload some of their small toys and figurines they no longer use. 

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