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2021 Advent calendars for kids LEGO Star Wars LEGO City Plush Animal Safari

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Countdown to Christmas

2021 Advent calendars for kids LEGO Star Wars LEGO City Plush Animal Safari
  • What: Advent Calendars
  • When: December 2022
  • Why: Get yours soon
  • Where: Amazon

Halloween has passed, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to order advent calendars for the holiday season! If your kids didn’t get enough candy to last them through the new year, you can find lots of chocolate and food-based calendars. But if you want to avoid the sugar overload on top of the usual holiday goodies, these Advent calendars are sure to thrill little ones while helping countdown to the big day.

Lego Advent calendars stacked on top of each other: city, friends, and star wars versions 2018

LEGO Advent Calendars: You can’t go wrong with LEGO. Each of the 24 openings conceals a tiny item to assemble. Pictorial directions come printed right on the flap for kids to follow. Fold down the cover of the box to make a great play space, too. Choose from Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Friends, Harry Potter, or City to get one your child will love.

Playmobil Farm Advent calendar characters and accessories on play mat

Playmobil Advent Calendars: Don’t need more tiny LEGO bricks underfoot? Playmobil also makes a great line of toy-based calendars. Each one, from Santa’s Workshop and Adventures of Ayuma to the Horse Farm and Christmas Toy Store, comes with a holiday theme leading up to Christmas. Set the scene with the fold out cover, and let kids imagine the holiday their way. Be sure to remove the outer protective layer of packaging, which slides off, if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, as it shows what hides behind each door.

Playmobil 123 advent calendar 2016 pieces set up

Playmobil 123 Advent Calendars: If you have a little one and don’t want a bunch of tiny pieces, or you want to limit the number of choking hazards for younger siblings, Playmobil 123 also makes a toddler version of their popular line. These figures and accessories come in larger sizes, and with fewer moving parts to help keep kids safe.

Stuffed Animal Advent Calendar: Perhaps your child would prefer something soft and fluffy to open each day. If so, consider a small stuffed animal calendar. Each door reveals a different animal with a hanging loop. These tiny critters make perfect decorations for the tree, the mantel, and more. And of course, kids can play them in myriad ways to keep them busy until Christmas arrives.

Horse Advent Calendar: If your child loves horses, set their hearts aflutter with this option. These calendars set the holiday scene at the stable and beyond, so kids can get their fill of everything equine before the big day. Open one of the 24 doors each day to find horses, accessories, food, and more. 

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