LEGO Tractor Set

LEGO City Great Vehicles Tractor Set assembled

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Down on the Farm

LEGO City Tractor set 144 pieces box
  • What: LEGO City Tractor Set
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, moving parts, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a farm fiend? Want to thrill your little farmer with a building block set that loads, lifts, and gets the job done? Look no further than this LEGO City Great Vehicles Tractor Set.

LEGO City Great Vehicles Tractor Set on Amazon

This 144-piece set comes with everything kids need to build their own tractor for their farm. It includes two farmer figurines, one in each gender. It also comes with a small rabbit figure, a crate, assorted produce to fill it, and two bales of hay. Once assembled, the scoop on the front of the tractor raises and lowers to load and unload all the necessities.

This LEGO tractor gets the job done.

With fewer pieces comes a lower price point, making this set a great gift for friends’ birthdays, kid’s holiday presents, or any other gifting occasion. Less than 150 pieces means kids won’t need to spend all day putting it together, leaving more time to play once it gets finished. It also makes for less bricks to lose during the building process.

LEGO City Great Vehicles
The bucket on this tractor lowers and lifts for lots of action.

If you have a little farmer and want to delight them, let them get the joy of building their own tractor with this LEGO farm set.

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