Magic Maze Game

Magic Maze cooperative board game box and contents

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Cooperative Quiet Fun

Magic Maze cooperative board game
  • What: Magic Maze Game
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Single or multiple player, novel, quiet
  • Where: Walmart or other local retailer

Ever wanted some peace and quiet while still keeping kids entertained? Looking for a great family gift for the holidays that doesn’t involve any screen time? If you know anyone who loves games but not all the shouting that can often accompany them, check out Magic Maze.

Magic Maze

Magic Maze Cooperative Board Game on BoardGameGeek

This cooperative game for one to eight players doesn’t allow talking during each phase, making it one of my favorite games ever. Each player, rather than controlling one colored pawn, can move any of the heroes on the board (similar to the popular Clue Junior game), but only for a specific action, such as going left. Each hero must collect one colored coordinated object and make it to the correct exit before time runs out. The catch? You can only use the large red wooden marker to communicate.

Magic Maze action cards
Each player receives a card detailing their specific action. In this example with three players, one can move up and right, one can move left and warp to different spots, and one can move down, ride escalators, and explore new maze cards.

Regardless of the number of players, the game always includes all four colored pawns. Each player receives a card with the action they handle, with specific actions dependent on the number of participants. Head to an explore block on each square and lay down the next card to build the maze and reveal the location of the objects. Only orange pawns can retrieve the orange object, so plot paths carefully. But be careful and don’t run out of time! Several squares on the board allow you to flip the three minute hourglass timer and reset it for more time. Once your team collects all the objects, pause the timer and discuss your strategy for leaving the maze. Once again, each colored pawn may only exit via the square marked in the same color.

Magic Maze cooperative game
The green hero pawn must make it to the green loot box marked on the maze, the yellow hero pawn must reach the yellow loot box marked on the maze, and so on for each color.

See if your family can beat the challenge of escaping the mall with all the loot. Each time you play, the maze cards create a different layout. If you want to play the same level, the path to the objects and exit will differ each time. Even better, this game has increasingly difficult levels. Once you master the basic game play, change up the rules to see if you can continue to succeed. Have younger kids? Let them talk their way through the various scenarios. There’s no wrong way to play this cooperative game that’s fun for everyone. Since no one waits to take turns, it works great for kids with short attention spans or who lose interest between turns.

Magic Maze Kids on Amazon

Not quite ready for the full version? The same game comes in a set of challenges made just for children called Magic Maze Kids.  They love building the maze and trying to work their way through it. They can use the maze cards to create their own challenges, or follow the included instructions to master playing without talking. With no assigned pawns, siblings don’t fight over who gets what color. Watch out though! If the timer runs out and someone doesn’t do their job, you might still hear a lot of strong feelings and loud voices.

Anyway you play it, you can’t go wrong with Magic Maze.

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