Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots

Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots green frog print on navy background

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Splashing Flashing Fun to Wear

Outee Kids Light Up Rainboots green frogs print on navy background
  • What: Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots
  • When: 12 months to 10 years
  • Why: Affordable, wide variety of patterns and colors
  • Where: Amazon

My youngest son, like most, keeps growing. When he finally wore through his beloved Norty Rain Boots, we went shopping for a new pair. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the same brand we know and love in his size. Instead, we decided to give Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots a try.

Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots on Amazon

Our Norty boots no longer kept the water out, which didn’t cause huge problems over the dry summer we’ve had. But with rain in the forecast nearly every day from now until who knows when, he needed something that would keep his feet dry and warm. He loves the light up boots, and I love how easy they make him to spot even in late afternoon at the park during winter or on Halloween.

Eight year old child wearing
My son wears his Outee boots every day.

These sturdy plastic boots come in sizes from 5 toddler to 3 big kid. Even better, they have over twenty different styles and colors to choose from. You can find popular choices like dinosaurs and unicorns to more unique critters like flamingos and peacocks. Don’t want an animal all over your kid’s boots? Get a glittery version in bright colors or go for emergency vehicles.

Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots
Handles on either side help kids get these boots on and off easily, while the heels light up.

Regardless of which one your child chooses, these boots come with handles on each side to make getting them on a breeze. The heels flash thanks to the embedded lights. And if they get muddy, you can simply hose them off, much like a pair of Crocs shoes. My son has worn his new boots every day rain or shine for multiple weeks now and they still look great.

If you need another solid choice in footwear, try these Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots.

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