Number Block Advent Countdown

Christmas countdown number blocks in wooden Christmas tree stand showing 1 day left

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Christmas countdown number blocks in wooden Christmas tree stand showing 1 day left
  • What: Number Block Advent Countdown
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of all the toys piling up with gifting occasion after gifting occasion? Perhaps your family has a birthday followed immediately by a holiday celebration. Maybe you avoid extra calories during the lead-up to the big holiday meals or your family has allergies or dietary restrictions. If you still want to countdown to the big day without relying on treats or toys, try a Number Block Advent Countdown.

Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown on Amazon

These big number blocks help kids count down the days until Christmas. (Of course you can use them for any other big occasion, too, like birthdays or family vacations.) Each six-sided block has different numbers on each side. Pair them together and you can make all the numbers from 31 and below. Each day kids can flip a block to find the next number in the countdown, which helps with both number recognition and backwards counting skills.

Days ‘Til Countdown Blocks on Amazon

Our three kids attended a workshop where they got to paint their own number block holders for the holidays. Want an affordable set where they can add their own touch? Try a basic number block countdown like this small one. We’ve used our number blocks every holiday season to count down to the big day. They love having their own countdown and flipping the blocks each day, as well as showcasing their handiwork. Plus we got a keepsake for each child that we can use each year.

If you want to let kids answer how many days left questions for themselves, don’t hesitate to get your own Number Block Countdown.

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