Great Gifts for Little Rockhounds

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Find the Best Books, Toys, and More for Kids Who Love Rocks

Rocks polished in National Geographic rock tumbler for kids
  • What: Rock-Themed Gifts for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon 

Got a kid who can’t leave any rock unturned? Has your home become full of random rocks of various sorts? If you want to thrill the young rockhound in your life, look no further than these great gift ideas.

National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler back of box

Rock Tumbler: Transform ordinary rocks into works of art thanks to this rock tumbler made just for kids. The box includes everything kids need to get started, even a batch of rough rocks. Add the right level of polishing grit powder, and let the tumbler do all the work. After multiple days, rinse the dust off with the included strainer. Then do it all over again with the never level of grit and let kids see the magic of turning rough rocks into smooth stones. 

KiwiCo Crystal Chemistry Garden Kit growing colored salt crystals

Crystal Chemistry Garden: Let kids grow their own crystals thanks to this magical garden. Kids mix the materials included in the box, then add the liquid to the felt structures. Using the included dyes, each piece of felt can be colored differently to learn about evaporation, crystal formations, and more.

Rock Painting Kit: Painted rocks have been a popular project for kids for ages. Have kids give their rocks personality with the included paints, stickers, googly eyes, and more. The kit comes with ten rocks to decorate, but the materials can be used on any rock they find. The end results make great gifts or decorations for almost any occasion.

Fossil hidden inside plaster base partially chiseled out next to magnifying glass

Excavation Kits: Want to dig a little deeper into rock and crystal formations? Conduct your own geode hunt with these excavation kits. Kids chip away at the outer surface of various rocks to reveal what’s inside. They get the joy of discovering and the hands-on activity of exposing the hidden inner structures.

Magic School Bus Science Kit Attracted to Magnificent Magnets box front

Magic School Bus Science Kits: You can get a Magic School Bus Kit with a rock theme! Called Exploring Rocks, Crystals, and Minerals, this activity kit comes packed with geological learning for kids. Like all the activity kits in this series, kids can choose which project they’d like to try. All the materials needed come included or come from basic household supplies. If you’ve got a rock hound who craves more hands-on experience, this kit will keep them busy for hours.

Magic School Bus Books: Don’t want to get messy while you’re learning more about rocks and how they form? Take a ride on the Magic School Bus and explore more in-depth learning with Mrs. Frizzle’s elementary school class. Each book in the series focuses on a different theme, including one with rocks called Inside the Earth.

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