LEGO Minecraft Llama Village Set

LEGO Minecraft The Lllama Village set assembled

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Build Creativity in Kids Off Screen

LEGO Minecraft The Lllama Village set assembled
  • What: LEGO Minecraft Llama Village Set
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Lots of pieces, loaded with characters
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a big ticket gift sure to thrill Minecraft fans of all ages? Perhaps you want to expand the Minecraft fun long after the screens get turned off. Whether you’re just starting your LEGO Minecraft collection or looking to bring it to the next level, this LEGO Minecraft Llama Village packs a big punch.

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village on Amazon

This set comes with more than 1200 building bricks for kids to assemble. It also includes an entire village worth of Minecraft figures, like a llama herder, llama knight, villagers, pillager, sheep, and of course, llamas.

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village Set opened up to reveal room for play
This LEGO Llama opens up to reveal even more Minecraft fun.

The giant llama opens up to reveal a room for continued imaginative play. Outside, six different structures can be situated in a variety of ways to set the scene for all sorts of fun. 

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village set assembled close up view of
Inside, kids will find even more Minecraft components.

Once complete, the llama playhouse stands over a foot tall and wide, making it one of the largest Minecraft-themed sets. With so many bricks and endless possibilities after building completion, kids can have fun playing and displaying this impressive set long after they get done creating.

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