Gifts for Kids Who Love Battles

Smithsonian Battles That Changed History Chapter 5 1900-Present table of contents

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Redirect Kids’ Conflict With These Selections

Smithsonian Battles That Changed History Chapter 5 1900-Present table of contents
  • What: Gifts for Kids Who Love Battles
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Constructive conflict, build strategy skills
  • Where: At home

Have a child fascinated with history? Maybe your kid can’t satisfy their lust for battles without a little guided direction. If you want to channel their love for waging war into active or educational activities, check out these great options.

Great Battles for Boys WW2 in Europe book by Joe Giorello

Great Battles for Boys: These books bring history to life for any gender. Written with kids in mind, author Joe Giorello makes historical moments riveting for kids ages eight and up. Each short action-packed chapter includes additional materials like photos and maps. Choose from a range of time periods spanning ancient history to modern warfare.

Battleship Game naval combat game box from Amazon

Battleship: This classic game of strategy pits two players against each other in a race to sink their opponent’s ships. Each player places their boat pieces on the grid hidden from the other’s view. Players then take turns guessing coordinates to torpedo their opponent’s navy. Kids and adults alike can enjoy trying different strategies for placing their own ships or locating opponents’ boats.

Nerf Bunkr Battlezone inflatables on brick patio in back yard

Nerf Bunkr Battlezone: Bring their Nerf gun play to a new level thanks to these inflatables. Each one can serve as a target for shooting practice, or as cover during a pitched battle. They take seconds to inflate thanks to the large valves, and can be stored with minimal space when not in use. They also work great for water gun fights and other battles inside and out.

Memoir 44 board game box Word War II historical strategy game

Memoir 44: This strategy board game for older kids takes battles to the next level. Based on actual battlegrounds from World War II, each scenario has different rules and win conditions. A double-sided board and loads of hex tiles allow the game to be configured in multiple different ways, all with the same goal: to defeat the enemy.

Battleship Shots game orange balls

Battleship Shots: If you want a fast-paced game any age can play, look no further than Battleship Shots. This game puts a new spin on the classic with lightweight balls. Players take turns tossing a ball to try and land it in an opponent’s ships, visible on the other side of the clear divider. The first one to sink all the opposing ships wins.

Tiny Troopers Army Men Big Battle Drum Playset close up of toy soldier figures

Army Men: Get a bucket full of soldiers and more with these toys. From tanks to trees, kids will love setting up their own epic battles with all the accessories. These affordable sets come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so kids can find the one they love most.

Battles That Changed History big book

Battles That Changed History: This big picture book showcases history as its finest. Learn details and broad impacts from one of 90 big battles featured in this oversized hardcover tome. Covering more than 3,000 years of action, any history lover will enjoy the material organized by time period and chock full of information on leaders, weapons, armor, and strategy.

Pokemon Battle Academy box learning card game

Pokemon Battle Academy Box: For a lighter take on the battleground, this box helps kids learn how to pit Pokemon cards against each other. With beginner decks for each player and a board to guide card placement as well as actions on each turn, kids can learn the ropes. Numbered cards help kids devise a strategy while the cards and board can be used over and over as their skills expand.

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