MindWare Catalog for Kids’ Holiday Wish List

MindWare brainy toys for kids holiday catalog 2022

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Get Gifts They Will Love and You Won’t Hate

MindWare brainy toys for kids holiday catalog
  • What: MindWare Holiday Catalog
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, simplifies shopping
  • Where: MindWare

It’s almost time for turkey, which means kids have one thing on their minds: the upcoming winter holidays! Some kids countdown the days until Christmas, while others can’t wait for your upcoming travels. But if you want to keep your kids entertained without resorting to an Amazon website now or in the future, hand them a copy of the MindWare Toy Catalog

MindWare kids toys holiday catalog 2022 build your own holiday train back cover of catalog
This catalog includes all sorts of entertaining gifts.

Kids can peruse this catalog at their leisure regardless of their level of literacy skills. Thanks to the photos accompanying every listing, even the littlest reader can get excited about the hundreds of items included. MindWare’s focus on “brainy toys for kids of all ages” means you won’t find video games or other screen time entertainment. Instead, they offer a wide variety of toys, games, and more that kids will love for months to come.

MindWare holiday catalog 2022 page spread with bike lights, Q-BA Maze marble run toys, and more
This company offers a wide range of types of toys.

Not sure what to get the child in your life? Let them loose with the catalog and see how long it takes to fill an entire wish list. Kids can use a colored marker to circle the items they want most. If you have multiple kids, it helps to have each one use a different color. They can also write their initials next to the circled item. Have them fold down the corner of the page each time they find something they can’t live without, and it will be a breeze to find their stuff. 

MindWare holiday toy catalog 2022 with page dogeared folded down and crystal hedgehog
My daughter circled all the items she wanted, and folded the corner of the page to make it easy to find them.

Have relatives who want suggestions for gifts for your kids? Now you have a readymade list of stuff they picked out they would love to receive. MindWare does a great job offering arts and crafts, toys, and games at multiple price points suitable for almost any budget. And looking at the catalog will keep kids excited and quiet for some time as they ponder their future fun. 

MindWare holiday catalog for kids toys 2022 page spread with
You’ll find lots of games for kids in these pages.

Don’t have a catalog yet? Get yours for free here. Just fill out the form with your child’s name and they will get their very own copy of the catalog to enjoy. Need a quicker option? The MindWare website offers shopping by both age and category to make things simple.

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