Best Products That Last Long Past the Baby Years

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Stuff I Still Use Everyday

  • What: Best Products That Last Long Past the Baby Years
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Useful, durable, affordable
  • Where: At home

Some items I couldn’t live without during those frantic sleepless baby years. From a Baby Buzz’r to our favorite stroller, we wouldn’t have made it through those moments without their help. But some items that proved priceless during that time still work all these years later. Even though my kids are now 8, 10, and 12, I still use the products listed below on an almost daily basis – and they still come in just as handy even though we’re all sleeping through the night.

Envirosax Reusable packable bag folding sack shown suspended with load of groceries

Envirosax Bags: I never leave home without one of these packable bags tucked into my purse. It comes in handy at almost any store, but also well beyond that. It can contain messy clothes, or shoes without an issue, and carry home any extra treasures my kids find at the park. It works just as well as the farmers’ market as it does to pack extra items when traveling. And all that usefulness fits into a pouch the size of a half stick of butter. 

Healthy living app environmental working group image

Healthy Living Choices: I found this app for rating products when my kids were infants. Now I use it for everything and everyone. Anytime I go out shopping, I can scan barcode labels and check what matters to me. From bath products to the best brands for food, it comes in handy every time. And since I’ve installed it on my phone, I never have to remember about taking it with me. It’s always there for me, and always expanding to include new products with rankings I trust. 

Supergoop! Play Everday lotion Babyganics stick Goddess Garden Kids reef safe spray sunscreen Bare Republic mineral spray sunscreen All Good kids and baby sunscreen butter stick in group

Sunscreen: Alright, I admit we only use this product every day from April to October. But still, it gets a mention. Finding the right brand my kids will use without complaint that protects them from all types of harmful rays makes all the difference even at this age. Having a selection to cover every possibility means I always have some handy so we can reapply and stay covered.

Label Daddy contact name labels example with soccer balls on green background

Label Daddy: All these years later, we still keep a supply of labels on hand. We use them for jackets, water bottles, backpacks, sporting equipment, hats, musical instruments, and pretty much anything that ever leaves the house. They stick to almost any surface, and can go through both the dishwasher and washing machine. We have one set for each member of the family with our phone number and email address. They have saved us countless times, and I anticipate sending the kids to college with a batch.

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