More Stocking Stuffers to Delight Kids Ages 3 and Up

Three Christmas stockings hung in a row on mantel above fireplace

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Big Smiles from Small Surprises

Three Christmas stockings hung in a row on mantel above fireplace
  • What: More Stocking Stuffers to Delight
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Small, entertaining, appealing
  • Where: At home during the holidays

Still looking for some awesome presents that fit into a fuzzy sock for the holidays? Do you want more ideas for toys, games, and gifts that kids can use even after the clock winds down on the holiday season? If you need inspiration beyond Stocking Stuffers Sure to Please, don’t hesitate to check out these small items that pack a big punch.

Shashibo Cubes: These cube toys fascinate kids of all ages. Each cube comes with three bright patterns emblazoned along the moving sides. Once kids learn how to open the cube, they can manipulate the toy into a multitude of shapes. Thanks to the magnets which hold the parts together, these toys can be configured into fun designs. Or combine two for even more options. Whether you want to build a specific design or just have fun seeing what shapes emerge, this toy offers endless possibilities.

Speks Geode magentic fidget toy in cobalt blue color sphere

Speks Geode: Much like Magna-Tiles, these tiny magnetic pieces stick to each other. Use them to build a basic shape, or mix it up and see where your imagination takes you. With a small footprint and sets that work together, paired with bright color choices, kids will love this toy. Follow the instructions or make up your own design for even more fun.

Fossil hidden inside plaster base partially chiseled out next to magnifying glass

Excavation Kits: Hidden treasure await, but kids have to work to get to it. Each kit comes with a wooden stylus used to scratch away the hard outer plaster. Once kids get to the center, they will find a special treat. These toys keep kids entertained and their hands occupied, plus they come in a variety of themes to suit multiple interests.

Animal Erasers: These tiny erasers have lots of personality. Each brightly colored animal comes apart, so kids can assemble the simple puzzle. They also work great for bringing joy to school days. The only problem is that they might be too cute to use for actual erasing. Pass out one or more for playing or to enliven schoolwork.

Driven Pocket Series 3 tiny garage with yellow truck with monster wheels

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny cars continue to be popular for good reason. Each small garage comes with one of an assortment of vehicles. It also includes multiple road pieces that connect together. Kids can collect them all, or enjoy them individually. The low price point makes them very accessible, and their small size means they travel well and store easily – if your child ever stops playing with them.

Arctic Paws Kid Mittens soft fleece interior lining colors patterns six pack

Kid Mittens: Tis’ the season to keep little hands toasty. Thanks to the pack with multiple mittens, you never have to worry about losing track of these tiny but important articles of clothing. Add a pair to your child’s school bag, sports stuff, or the car. Anywhere you use them, they work great to keep little hands warm all winter long.

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