Holiday Travel Entertainment for Kids

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Keep Kids Busy on the Go

  • What: Holiday Travel Entertainment for Kids
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Keep kids busy and happy
  • Where: On the road

Whether you travel by car or plane, there’s no denying that the holidays mean hitting the road for many families. Facing down thirty minutes or more in the car with cranky kids on the way to Grandma’s house? Maybe you dread the five hour cross-country flight with children in tow. No matter the travel method, these small items can help ease the pre-departure stress and keep kids entertained en route.

Amscan coloring activity kit case with markers sticker and coloring sheets

Amscan Coloring Kits: These tiny activity kits cost next to nothing but keep kids busy during the trip. Each one includes multiple coloring sheets, four tiny markers, and a sheet of themed stickers, all contained within the plastic carrying case. Kids can even use the blank backs of the pages for games like tic tac toe or their own designs. Choose from a wide range of themes like farm, unicorns, and vehicles to please almost any kid.

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 player for kids green

MP3 Player: Want to keep kids quiet without resorting to a screen? Get a tiny music player in their favorite color and load it up before you go. Each tiny device can hold hours worth of music or audiobooks. Add a tiny memory card for even more digital storage. Once you hit the road, let your kid take their pick, all without a sound for anyone else.

Crayola mini coloring pages in Whisker Haven theme

Mini Coloring Pages: These tiny pages also offer lots of bang for the buck. Each one comes with so many coloring pages, kids won’t get through them all in one trip. With four tiny markers in different colors tucked into the cardboard cover, kids have everything they need for some creative coloring fun. Once they arrive, they can hand out their artwork to friends and family, or keep them all for themselves inside the box.

Water Wow! Deluxe on the go Around Town water reveal activity book pad with red lens Melissa and Doug

Water Wow Deluxe: This big activity book takes the Water Wow fun one step further. In addition to adding color with the water pen, kids can use the included magnifying glass. Search for hidden items, find your way through the maze, and much more. Best of all? Once the water dries, kids can start the fun all over again for the return trip.

Kidz Gear Wired headphones for toddlers and kids in blue shown folded up

Headphones: Containing the noise that keeps your kid entertained can be essential. Whether you want to avoid disturbing other passengers or just not listen to their favorite song for the twentieth time, a good pair of headphones can make all the difference. Try an adjustable folding pair made just for kids. Got older children? They might be ready for some brightly colored earbuds to ease the journey. 

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