Small Sandwiches That Will Satisfy Any Craving

Pillsbury crescent rolls butter, original, and sweet Hawaiian flavors in packing rolls

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Craft Your Own Croissandwiches 

Pillsbury crescent rolls butter, original, and sweet Hawaiian flavors in rolls
  • What: Croissandwiches
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Easy, quick, customizable
  • Where: At home

Want an easy meal you can tailor to each family member? Perhaps holiday cooking makes you want to take a break from elaborate meals and fancy dishes. If you want an easy recipe for any meal of the day, look no further than crescent roll croissants that you can turn into sandwiches.

Pillsbury Butter Flake Crescent Rolls Pack of 8 on Amazon

Grab a pack of ready-to-cook crescent rolls. Most tubes contain eight of these small pastries, perfect for stuffing with ingredients to make a meal. You can go with cheese for a spin on the classic grilled cheese. Or add turkey and cheese to make the most of leftovers. Don’t love meat or cheese? Jam, spinach, hot dog, and just about anything else goes when you fill these sheets of pastry.

Pillsbury Croissants rolled out flat with ham and cheese
Roll out the dough and lay the toppings on top.

Spread out the pastry and divide along the perforated lines as directed. But before you roll them up, add your own preferred filling. You can make each one the same, or let everyone pick what they want to add. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Once you have the filling taken care of, roll the dough to secure the stuffing. Then cook as directed and serve hot. 

Pillsbury crescent rolls with cheese, ham, and turkey rolled into them before cooking
A cooking sheet of croissandwiches stuffed with lots of cheese, ham and cheese, and turkey and cheese.

Want a more substantial version? You can get full size croissants already made from your favorite bakery or grocery store. Slice them in half using a serrated knife, and fill with whatever you’d like. From peanut butter and jelly to Nutella and banana, the combinations are almost endless. We’ve even made a batch and put them in a casserole carrier to take on the go or share at parties and potlucks.

Ingredients on counter for Croissandwiches Pillsbury crescent rolls, Tillamook cheddar cheese, Oscar Meyer turkey
These ingredients make for a tasty tiny sandwich.

For an easy meal idea that everyone will love, you can’t beat Croissandwiches.

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