Gifts for the Whole Family

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Get One Present Everyone Can Enjoy

Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and lights with train track and presents underneath
  • What: Gifts for the Whole Family
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Fun, wide age range, budget friendly
  • Where: At home

Tired of buying individual gifts for your extended family? Want to get something sure to please a wide age range of kids and adults? Whether you want to spend more thoughtfully this holiday season or let people know you’re thinking of them without going overboard, these ideas work wonderfully for bringing joy to the whole family.

Grizzy and the Lemmings Show on Netflix

Movie Night: Gift certificates for streaming services or movie rentals work great, but if you really want to wow the recipient, consider adding a few extras to make it super special. Throw in a nice bowl, some popcorn, and lots of popcorn seasonings from Amazon for a movie night at home they won’t soon forget. Or add a custom snack box like this one on Amazon filled with your favorite concessions. Either way, this movie-themed gift idea will keep on giving thanks to the reusable elements. And the memories will last much longer than the holiday season.

Ghost Castle Connect 4 Apples to Apples Junior and Yahtzee National Parks version family games

Game Night: Pick a game the whole family can enjoy together. Whether you go for classics like Clue Junior or something like Apples to Apples Junior, LINK everyone can enjoy playing together. You can pick a cooperative game or go for something a bit more competitive to raise the stakes. Pit kids against adults or let each individual fend for themselves. No matter which route you choose, games can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Christmas drive thru light display

Experiences: Tickets to any big event or attraction also work great, especially for relatives far away. Tickets can be delivered electronically, and many let you give a certain amount without specifying a date. That means they can pick the time that works best for them. From holiday light shows to visits to the zoo or museum, kids and grownups alike can enjoy time together spent exploring new places.

Puzzle Time: Give a hands-on experience thanks to the wide variety of puzzles available. You can find one in almost any theme to speak to whatever they like, from animals, to food, to particular places. Want to take it one step further? Get one of Ravensburger’s Escape Puzzles and let the family solve the mystery by assembling the puzzle and decoding the clues hidden in the picture. No matter whether you go with a basic puzzle or one with more pizazz, the entire family can enjoy putting the pieces together.

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