Gifts and Wrapping Made Easy

Wrapped presents under decorated Christmas tree

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Take the Stress Out of Giving

Wrapped presents under decorated Christmas tree
  • What: Gifts and Wrapping Made Easy
  • When: Any gift giving occasion
  • Why: Keep it simple
  • Where: At home

No idea what to get Grandma when she has everything? Stumped by the pile of presents still waiting to get wrapped and find their way under the tree? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paper needed to cover all those gifts? If you want some easy alternatives for great wrapping and gifts everyone will love, check out these ideas.

Reversible Wrapping Paper: I swear by gift bags. But when I can’t avoid using wrapping paper, this reversible option makes all the difference. With two different patterns on one giant roll, I can wrap gifts in coordinating prints without having to switch between rolls. The super jumbo roll also makes it much less likely I’ll run out during a wrapping session. It works wonders for the holidays, and my only complaint is that they don’t make enough options for the remainder of the year.

Gifts Kids Can Make: Need a unique last-minute gift? If you want something the recipient will love, let your kids loose with any one of these homemade gift ideas. Kids will enjoy crafting the different projects, and can’t resist a bit of pride when handing them out after completion. As an added bonus, several of the options work great for long distance giving as well.

Present wrapped in packing paper decorated by young child

Wrapping Remedies: Run out of wrapping paper and gift bags but still have more presents to disguise? Perhaps you’d rather spend your money on the gifts and not the paper. If you want to charm any recipient, let your kids loose with some packing paper and any craft supplies you have on hand. You’ll save money, keep the kids busy, and delight friends and family with one-of-a-kind wrapping paper!

Toys in bags stored inside unfinished closet storage space

Gift Supply Closet: Ever discovered you need a gift at the last moment? From birthday parties to holidays, a box of giftable items can save the day in so many situations. Did your child get something they already have that can’t be returned? Or perhaps they received a gift they can’t use. Toss it in the box, then have it come to your rescue the next time you need a present, without leaving the house or spending a penny.

Wrapping paper organizer open and unzipped showing rolls of paper and supplies like tape and scissors

Wrapping Paper Organizer: Give yourself the gift of an organized wrapping station this year. Even if you live in a tiny home, you can find a place to store this canvas organizer. It will keep everything contained all in one spot. Unzip it to set up your gift wrapping station and make getting all those presents wrapped a breeze! It even has a place for scissors, tape, and a pen so you won’t waste any time hunting down necessities once you get started.

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