More Minecraft Without Screen Time

Minecraft Lego Pig house building block construction

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Indulge Their Love Without Turning on the TV

Minecraft Lego Pig house building block construction
  • What: More Minecraft Without Screen Time
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Hands on, affordable, varied options
  • Where: At home

Have a child who cannot tear themselves away from their current Minecraft session? Want to indulge their love of everything Minecraft without having your kid attached to a screen around the clock? These options bring the characters, weapons, and adventure to their play for anytime fun.

LEGO: Build their dream Minecraft world with the help of LEGO bricks! The brick building giant offers multiple different sets featuring kids’ favorite Minecraft scenes. From a pig house to a llama village, with multiple sizes and figurines included, kids can collect all the sets to create a giant Minecraft world without a single screen. Or they can enjoy single stand-alone boxes to get more hands-on fun after screen time ends.

Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe child costume turquoise diamond armor three piece set pants hat shirt

Costumes: Bring your child’s favorite Minecraft character to life thanks to the wide variety of costumes available. From creepers to Steve and everything in between, kids can find a costume that they can wear comfortably for hours on end. These options come in a variety of sizes to fit any enthusiast.

Minecraft armor weapons sword and pickaxe diamond armor toys

Weapon Toys: Complete their costume with one of these weapons crafted just like the game. Choose from a variety of different styles and colors to get the one your child loves most. These hollow plastic toys work wonders for getting kids active after a long session of screen time. Or they can fuel their imagination as they work through their own battle scenarios.

Pick Your Own Quest Escape from Minecraft book by Connor Hoover front cover

Pick Your Own Quest Escape From Minecraft: Get your child reading about their favorite game. When readers find themselves trapped inside a game, they must navigate many different choices. Choose wisely and escape alive. Make a wrong turn anywhere along the route and get a different outcome. Each section lasts one to two pages before requiring a decision. Like most Choose Your Own Adventure books, you don’t read from cover to cover. Instead skip around as directed based on choices at the end of each short section. Every read leads to a different adventure with their favorite characters, scenarios, and more!

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