Last Minute Gifts for Kids Who Love Trains

Toddler laying down to play with IKEA wooden train set

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Check Them Off Your List with These Chug Along Choices

Toddler laying down to play with IKEA wooden train set
  • What: Last Minute Gifts for Kids Who Love Trains
  • When: 12 months to 6 years
  • Why: Lots of variety, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Looking to deliver a big smile to your little locomotive engineer? Have you run out of space for your local wooden train track expansions but still want to support their love of these classic toys? If you need some inspiration for great gifts for this group, look no further than these suggestions.

IKEA Lillabo wooden train starter set with black engine pulling three cars over a hill in a figure eight set up of wooden tracks

Affordable Train Toys: If you’ve got a kid who can’t conceive of too many wooden trains, check out this list to expand their growing collection. From less than $10, kids can get quality components and more engines to fill their roundhouse with passenger and cargo trains.

Steam Train Dream Train book for kids by Sherri Duskey Rinker on Amazon

Books for Kids Who Love Trains: From board books for the youngest enthusiast to kids learning to read, find a book about trains perfect for their current interest level. Need a regular nighttime read for your bedtime routine? We’ve got you covered. Want to learn more about all the intricacies of trains? No problem. If you need a book about trains, find an excellent selection for readers of all ages and stages.

Wind up train on track from Usborne wind up train book

Interactive Train Books: Want to take their train reading to the next level? These books offer all sorts of interactive options, from flaps to windup toys. Or light up their imaginations with pictures that appear when light passes through the pages. Get one your child can’t put down, or get a variety of titles to mix up your train reading time.

Brio magnetic stacking blocks train

Brio Magnetic Block Train: If your little one isn’t quite ready for wooden train toys with their small wheels and multiple choking hazards, they can still build and drive an engine of their own thanks to this magnetic set. Multiple brightly colored blocks stick together with strong magnets, and kids can arrange them any way they like. The sturdy wheeled bases hold a stack of blocks. Once assembled, drive the engine and its car along any surface. When kids get tired of their current configuration, they can take it apart and reassemble it for more fun. 

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