More Best Boots for Kids (and One for Moms, Too!)

Child climbing ladder while wearing Bogs big kid boots size five donut pattern on blue background

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Keep Kiddo Feet Warm and Dry

Child climbing ladder while wearing Bogs big kid boots size five donut pattern on blue background
  • What: More Best Boots for Kids
  • When: 2 to 12 years
  • Why: Warm, dry, durable
  • Where: Amazon

We’ve tried some new brands since our last batch of boot recommendations. If you want more options to fit your child during the season of inclement weather, check out these choices. From rain boots that go the distance to snow boots sure to keep toes cozy, you’re sure to find a pair your kids will love to wear every day.

Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots with flashing green heels on frog print with navy background

Outee Kids Light Up Rain Boots: If your kid loves light up boots and you want more options in sizes and patterns, Outee can help. Complete with handles on each side, these boots make spotting your child easy thanks to the flashing lights built into the soles. Kids love the array of fun styles, and the affordable price point doesn’t sacrifice durability. 

Columbia Heavenly Slip II Snow Boots in gray with gray fleece lining and side zipper

Heavenly Women’s Boots: Grownups need warm feet, too! If you want a pair of comfortable boots that can stand up to almost any weather conditions don’t overlook this awesome pair from Columbia. I love these boots, and wear them almost daily in the winter, come rain or snow. The soft liners make them feel more like slippers, while the tough outer material can handle any weather forecast.

Bogs big kid insulated rain boots donut pattern on dark blue background size 5 big kid

Bogs Big Kid Boots: When your child spends all day wearing their boots from September to May, you want boots that will last and keep their feet warm as well as dry. Bogs get the job done. Their insulated uppers help trap heat, while the waterproof material keeps kids splashing in puddles all season long. The handles on either side make it easy for kids to get their own gear on and off, leaving you with more hands for younger siblings, snacks, and yourself.

Kids’ Snow Boots: If your weather tends more towards the frozen white stuff, rain boots – no matter how insulated – may not cut it. Instead, take a look at some options for keeping their feet warm and dry. Whether you need to trudge to and from the ski lift or just want to walk to school without freezing their feet, these boots get the job done season after season.

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