Super Sweet Show Sure to Please All Ages

Shaun the Sheep with Blitzer the dog from

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Shaun the Sheep Has Fans Big and Small

Shaun the Sheep with Blitzer the dog
  • What: Shaun the Sheep Show
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Short, sweet, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon or Shaun the Sheep

Looking for a quick show the whole family can enjoy? Do you have relatives far and wide, and want a show where language poses no issue? If your kids love Grizzy and Lemmings and want more sweet tales to get the entire family laughing out loud, look no further than Shaun the Sheep.

Shaun the Sheep clip from Amazon from complete first series
Shaun the Sheep Season One on Amazon

This feisty ovine masquerades as a regular farm animal when under observation by the resident lovable farmer. But catch him without supervision and see what hilarious antics he gets up to with his flock. From cleaning up the local pond to helping other animals, these sheep can’t resist meddling in the affairs of the farm from sunup to sundown, frustrating the efforts of Blitzer the dog.

Each episode begins with the opening credits and the sheep doing yoga, performing in a circus, and much more behind the barn doors. But by the time the doors open, they have returned to regular sheep activities. With six seasons offering over 170 episodes, kids won’t run out of options any time soon. And because the shows are so short, right around seven minutes long, they make a great change of pace or reward without committing to tons of screen time.

These entertaining episodes work for a wide variety of ages. My kids have been enjoying the antics of these characters for more than five years and still love every one they see. The content works well for even the youngest kids, though you can check Common Sense Media for all the info. This show provides enough action to keep older kids coming back again and again as well.

Each one will leave your children begging for more, and with shows this lighthearted and fun, you may also have a hard time saying no to more.

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