Combat the Cold with These Cuddly Comforts

White albino ferret in Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut bed from Petsmart fuzzy pink pet cave

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Snuggle Up With the Family

White albino ferret in Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut bed from Petsmart fuzzy pink pet cave
  • What: Cuddly Comforts for the Whole Family
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Stay warm, get cozy
  • Where: At home

Ready to hunker down and wait out the weather this winter? Want to spend some quality time with your kids in total plush comfort? Get ready for long nights and cool temperatures with these cuddly options for every member of the family.

Target Pillowfort Throw Buddy stuffed light gray sloth holding blue blanket with white stars

Pillowfort Animal Throw Buddy: Each of these super soft stuffed animals come wrapped around a fuzzy throw blanket. Sized over five feet long and almost as wide, this blanket works great for cuddling on the couch, an extra layer on beds, or even to tuck kids in during cold car rides. With lots of different options, you’re sure to find one your child will love.

Hamster backrest lumbar support pillow in orange and white on child's bed

Hamster Backrest Pillow: This fuzzy hamster provides lots of back support. Thanks to the unique shape, this pillow props up kids for reading, movies, games, and more. The legs make great arm props, while the adorable features make it irresistible to kids.

Saint Eve blanket sleeper for big kids in unicorn pattern fuzzy fleece pajamas

Blanket Sleepers for Big Kids: Got an older kid who still wants to stay warm and snuggly? These zip-up blanket sleepers work great for a wide age range. With sizes from XS (4-5) to XL (14-16), everyone can stay warm. The hood makes them extra cozy, and the open feet mean kids don’t outgrow them so fast. 

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit by Make It Real arts crafts do it yourself project for kids

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit: This fun craft project turns into a snuggle one-size fits most hoodie when completed! Get kids involved making this no-sew project. Then they will have their own poncho-like blanket to toss over any outfit for extra warmth and snuggles. The easy to work with fleece also promises lots of warmth all year round.

Arctic Paw Soft Plush Fleece Beach Cover Up Robe for kids pink unicorn with rainbow horn

Plush Kid Robes: If your child doesn’t already have a robe of their own, try out one of the many plush robe options. With all sorts of animals and patterns to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding one your child will love. The soft fabric will keep them warm and toasty for long winter reads, family movie nights, and much more.

Close up of sock monkey decoration on feet of adult footie pajamas by Nick and Nore

Adult Footed PJs: Adults shouldn’t miss out on cozy time! Get a footed PJ and feel like a kid again while you stay wrapped up in warmth. Even better, these zippered pajamas make getting in and out of them a breeze, and work great for breastfeeding to boot.

Donut Pillow: These irresistible pillows might make your kids hungry! The soft cover comes printed with a variety of treat toppings, so you can choose their favorite kind. The fuzzy fabric offers a cozy place to lay their head, or makes a great lap pillow for reading. It also doubles as an extra seat on the floor if kids want to gather round a game with extended family visiting.

Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut Bed with back half of Chihuahua dog sticking out

Fuzzy Hut Pet Bed: We wouldn’t want the furry members of the family to miss out on snuggle time. This cozy hut offers loads of comfort for all your four-footed friends. From cats and dogs to small animals, they can all enjoy the plush comforts offered by this fluffy tent-like bed, complete with a pillow lining the bottom for even more luxurious napping any time day or night.

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