Stuff I Still Use: Soothing and Cleaning

Baby with two new teeth on bottom gum

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Three Things I Still Have on Hand from the Baby Years

Baby with two new teeth on bottom gum
  • What: Stuff I Still Use: Soothing and Cleaning
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Useful, compact, versatile
  • Where: At home

While I leaned on all the items on this list heavily during the baby years (I’m looking at you, diaper rash!), our family still relies on them. Even with kids ages 12, 10, and 8, we always have this stuff handy. From soothing irritated skin to taking care of just about any mess, you can’t go wrong with these selections even after you graduate from diapers.

Aquaphor: I don’t know how we ever lived without Aquaphor. We have multiple containers in our house, and I carry a tiny tube with me in my purse. LINK It works wonders for cuts, scratches, preventing wind burn, and a whole host of other ailments like cracked dry skin. Whether you get a tube or a pot, you can’t go wrong with this super thick soothing ointment.

Badger Baby Balm: This calming balm still works on a variety of skin conditions. From eczema to chapped skin, we take a tin of this super gentle yet effective baby balm wherever we go. The relaxing scent and non-irritating ingredients mean we can depend on it in almost any situation, from preventing blisters to comforting sore hands.

One soft sided package of Kirkland Signature baby wipes 100 count

Disposable Wipes: While we don’t go through the disposable wipes quite as quickly anymore, we still rely on these gentle cleaning wipes for a variety of needs. From wiping down the dining room table without removing the finish, to taking care of spills on the go, a pack of wipes goes a long way. I don’t have to worry about these gentle cleaning cloths upsetting anyone’s sensitive skin, yet they have enough cleaning power to handle almost any mess. 

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