This Logic Puzzle Game Is Fit for Battle

Walls and Warriors logic puzzle single player game by SmartGames

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Walls and Warriors Take Center Stage

Walls and Warriors logic puzzle single player game by SmartGames
  • What: Walls and Warriors Game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, challenging, multiple levels
  • Where: Amazon

Has your kids played all the single player games you own? Maybe as they’ve gotten older they’ve graduated from Rush Hour Jr., Roller Coaster Challenge, Cat Crimes, and Logic Land. If you want a more complex game along similar lines, don’t hesitate to check out Walls and Warriors on Amazon.

Walls and Warriors Skill Building Strategy War Game on Amazon

This one player logic game offers 80 challenges for kids to complete. The game comes with three blue knights, four red knights, and four wall pieces. All those components fit into the plastic grid board. For each challenge, use the included booklet to set the given pieces in place. Then, using the remaining pieces, make sure that all the blue pieces on the board get surrounded by the wall pieces. If you leave a gap where the red knights can invade, you lose. Protect all the blue knights successfully and move on to the next challenge. 

Players build skills like spacial relations and problem solving while playing this game.

The booklet contains the single possible solution for each challenge. Players can skip around between challenges or complete them in sequence. The first section of starter challenges also gives the locations of multiple wall pieces to help ease players into the game strategy. After that level, the instructions only provide the placement of the blue and red knights. 

Walls and Warriors single player game set up for starter challenge number 14
The game board has been set up for starter challenge number 14, with the other pieces surrounding the board and booklet.

Kids can play on their own, or people can team up to try and figure out each solution. My son got this game for the holidays, and between the two of us, we’ve only made it through the first 16 set of starter level puzzles. If you want a game that will challenge your child, let them loose with Walls and Warriors and see if they can defend the castle.

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