Three Easy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Child

Dresser with nine cube shelves on top

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Save Your Child from Grievous Injury

Dresser with nine cube shelves on top
  • What: Three Easy Things to Protect Your Child
  • When: Pregnancy through elementary school
  • Why: Keep kids safe
  • Where: At home

Every parent wants to keep their child safe, whether it’s from the next illness sweeping the globe or an abduction. But did you know the little things may make a big difference in their health and wellness? If you have a child and haven’t already taken these simple safety precautions, there’s no time like the present to make their world safer.

car seat installation putting knee in seat to use body weight

Knee’d To Know: If your child rides in a car seat of any type, from an infant seat to a convertible car seat or booster, make sure you’ve installed it properly. One easy trick when installing car seats, especially those for younger children? Use your full body weight to get the tightest installation possible. Put all your weight on one knee before cinching the LATCH straps or seat belt tight. That extra inch or two might be the difference between your child surviving a car accident or sustaining life-threatening injuries. Want to do even more? Get your child seat inspected by a professional.

Dresser tipped over in child's room courtesy of OECD global awareness campaing

Anchor Furniture: Inside the house, make sure to anchor any and all heavy pieces of furniture to the wall. From shelves to dressers, kids get wild ideas, especially before they realize their own limits. Taking 10 to 15 minutes to attach a Velcro strap to the wall can mean the difference between a scolding for scaling the furniture and a trip to the emergency room – or worse.

Keys in lock of medicine cabinet safe lockable prescription box

Medicine Cabinet Lock: In addition to safely storing and labeling cleaners and chemicals, you should also keep a childproof lock on your medicine cabinet. Even if your medicine cabinet remans out of reach, the extra precaution never hurts. This lockable storage fits inside most standard wall cabinets, and comes with two keys so you can access all your necessary medications while keeping kids safe. 

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