Build Their Dreams With This Versatile Tool Made Just For Kids

PLAYmake 4-in-1 Workshop for kids box with woodworking tool dowels and more

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Woodworking Wonders in One Box

PLAYmake 4-in-1 Workshop for kids box with woodworking tool
  • What: PLAYmake 4-in-1 Woodworking Shop for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, creative
  • Where: Amazon

Does your kid love tools? Do they already own and love their own tool belt, complete with real tools they can use? If they want to upgrade their carpentry skills, introduce them to the PLAYmake 4-in-1 Woodworking Shop for kids.

PLAYmake Kids 4-in-1 Woodshop Carpentry Tool on Amazon

This versatile tool will bring their wooden dreams to life. In addition to sanding, drilling, and sawing, it also works as a wood lathe. Kids can carve wood using the included tools and materials such as dowels and samples to sharpen their skills. Once they master the operation, the manual comes with more than 50 pages of templates for kids to craft their own projects. From animals to airplanes, kids can use the simple instructions to assemble a variety of different toys and practical items. 

PLAYmake 4-in-1 Workshop for kids including dowels, wood, lathe, drill, saw, instruction manual, and more
This workshop comes with everything you see here.

My eight year old received this set as a gift for the holidays, and he adores it. He had no trouble setting up the combination tool to get it running, thanks to the included power supply. It also comes complete with safety goggles. The blade itself only vibrates, but doesn’t cut, making it safe even for young users. He played with it for hours, returning multiple times to try new techniques.

PLAYmake 4-in-1 woodworking tool for kids with dowel
The spinning action lets kids carve their own designs into wood.

The tool does create a fair amount of sawdust, so be prepared. We used a mat underneath to help with clean up, though outdoor use would solve that issue, too. It makes some noise when running, though not as much as many musical toys for toddlers. A simple on/off switch controls the action, making it very intuitive to use. The box comes with everything kids need to get started with this advanced woodworking tool. 

Eight year old child using PLAYmake 4-in-1 tool to carve and cut wood
You’ll need to be near an electrical outlet to use this multi-purpose tool.

If you want to let kids’ make their wooden ideas a reality, or foster a sense of confidence in their building skills, let them explore with the PLAYmake 4-in-1 Woodworking Shop for kids.

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