Our Favorite Posts from 2022

FH Home outdoor rug in backyard seating area

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Find Out Which Ones Made the List

FH Home outdoor rug in backyard seating area
  • What: Our Favorite Posts
  • When: 2022
  • Why: See what writers loved
  • Where: At home

While we’ve reviewed readers’ most popular posts from the last year, we wanted to know what writers thought. So we gathered the favorite posts of the people who bring you all the great content here at Practically Apparent. Maybe you will find your next new favorite included with these gems.

Eleven year old boy pulling nine year old girl through airport on JetKids BedBox

Family Trip Essentials: This two week special series represented something new for Practically Apparent. We spent time exploring all the different tips, tricks, and gear used for a family of five traveling abroad with three kids ages 11, 9, and 7. From car seats to snacks, we’ve got you covered next time you need ideas or want to get prepared for your next big family adventure.

Waboba Spizzy Balls in red, blue, and yellow

This Is Our Favorite Ball for Kids: This ball can handle it all. It isn’t too large or hard for indoor play, but handles the great outdoors equally well. It doesn’t pop, deflate, or shed bits. It can’t be swallowed so it poses no choking hazard, and kids love it. From the tennis court to the playground to indoor bowling with blocks, our kids love these balls almost as much as we do.

Columbia Heavenly Slip II Snow Boots in gray with gray fleece lining and side zipper

Columbia Heavenly Boots: We don’t do enough to take care of moms, so we’re super happy to recommend a great pair of shoes that will last for years and look great doing it. These winter boots keep feet toasty well beyond winter. They look fashionable enough to leave the house without getting embarrassed, but feel like the best house slippers.

FH Home outdoor rug in blue and white on brick patio

Ode to My Outdoor Rug: This rug goes anywhere, and looks good doing it. From dressing up the yard in summer to bringing a bit of pizazz to the garage turned game room, it can do it all. The weather-proof and fade-proof material make it durable for almost any conditions, and the reversible pattern means you get two for the price (and storage area) of one.

Skip Bo classic card game number sequencing

Skip Bo: We hadn’t played this card game in years. Now it has become one of our go-to favorites. We play while waiting for appointments, Family Game Night, or anytime the kids want some entertainment but we don’t want to get involved in a puzzle or longer game. As an added bonus, you can play competitively or cooperatively, and the deck of cards takes up minimal room. Play often and help kids develop their counting skills while young, and their strategy skills as they get older.

Folding foam seat pad camping outdoor kids insulated weatherproof foam mat in purple on stone wall

Folding Seat Pads: We’ve had these folding seating pads in our kids’ backpacks for years. But only recently did we discover how useful they are for parents, too. Keep your bum warm and dry even when you can’t score the prime seating at your local park. Thanks to this lightweight yet sturdy folding pad, you can have a dry seat anywhere you go.

Whisker City Pink Ombre Fur Pyramid Cat Hut Bed with back half of Chihuahua dog sticking out

Fuzzy Hut Pet Bed: We don’t want to leave the furry family members out! This fluffy pet bed gives pampered pets the height of luxury. We love it, and so do all the pets in our household. The ridiculously fuzzy fabric means pets can snuggle up year round, and the tent shape keeps them feeling secure and cozy.

Would You Rather Family Challenge Edition book by Lindsey Daly front cover

Would You Rather Books: This book comes filled with ridiculous questions that everyone can enjoy. From learning more about family members to opening broader discussions about your family values, this book brings humor to the table. Kids love the unrealistic options and putting parents on the spot. Read one at a time every night at the dinner table or let your kids go wild and finish the entire book in one sitting. You get to choose how much and how often with hundreds of questions to answer.

Easy Pesto Pasta Kids Can Cook: We’ve used this recipe for years and it’s never failed us. From pleasing picky eaters for family meals, to sharing food with friends and neighbors, this easy recipe makes for a delicious dinner. Best of all, it’s so simple even kids can make it. And it offers lots of opportunity for customization both during cooking and serving.

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