Stuff I Still Use: Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen drawer filled with IKEA Pruta food containers and lids with other brightly colored dishes

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Petite Purchases That Last A Long Time

Kitchen drawer filled with IKEA Pruta food containers and lids
  • What: Stuff I Still Use: Kitchen Helpers
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Useful, affordable, versatile
  • Where: At home

I purchased each of the things on this list during the infant and toddler years. And now, at ages 12, 10, and 8 years old, we still use all of these items on a daily basis. From the containers we bought to hold baby food to the drying rack for all the pesky valves and parts, these items have helped us long past their intended lifespan. Whether you’re expecting your first child or trying to limit your shopping to things you will actually use, check out these little items that make a big difference.

IKEA Pruta food storage containers stacked and nested in kitchen cabinet

IKEA Food Storage: This set of IKEA food storage costs about $7. It comes with a variety of sizes of containers, from individual square and rectangular shapes with lids to wide and tall options. All of them nest well and we’ve loved them so much, we’ve bought a second set to supplement the first. From storing individual servings of homemade baby food to the perfect container for snacks and lunches for older kids, the tiny dishes come in handy over and over again. The larger containers not only work great for food storage, but also for organizing the pantry and even other rooms like bathroom drawers. If you want a solid set that can go the distance, get your own IKEA PRUTA.

Folding step stool stored between whit recycling bin and wooden tray

Folding Step Stool: We originally bought this step stool for our kids to get up close and personal with the displays at train shows. It folds down flat, and comes with a convenient carry handle, so my toddler could move it and set it up wherever he wanted. We’ve since adopted it as a regular helper at home as well. We use it for the kids to reach higher items like top shelves in the fridge or the microwave placed above the oven in our new house. But it also works great for reaching high shelves for adults and kids and anything else that’s just out of reach. Because it takes up so little room, it can squeeze into otherwise unused space. And it moves easily to wherever you need a boost.

Boon Grass drying rack for dishes and bottles with knife, cake decorating tip, brush

Boon Drying Rack: We got this bottle drying rack during the early years to handle all the valves and tiny pieces from bottles, pumping, and breastfeeding. It worked like a champ, with the green bristles able to hold anything upright to air dry. The removable base makes it a cinch to keep clean. And it turns out it works just as well for water bottles, brushes, measuring cups, knives, and more. It has earned a permanent place on our countertops where we use it on a daily basis. From the plastic EasyLunch Box Mini Dippers that never fully dry in the dishwasher, to the odd items that won’t stand up in a regular dish rack, this helper comes in handy. 

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