Good Clean Fun for Kids in a Box

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab for kids box and contents

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What Happens When Science Meets Arts and Crafts

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab for kids box and contents
  • What: Science Academy Soap Lab
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, useful
  • Where: Amazon or MindWare

Got a kid who loves craft kits? Want to keep your child busy with hands-on entertainment without resorting to screens? If you loved the utility of the Unicorn Blanket Hoodie Kit and want more craft kits with a purpose, look into this Science Academy Soap Lab.

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab on Amazon

Much like the Ultimate Chemistry Lab for Kids, this box comes with everything kids need to create their own soap. Unlike the chemistry lab, kids can use the end result, and you don’t end up with extra experiment stuff scattered about. The soap lab includes a mold with five different fun shapes, from a heart to a fairy, as well as the standard rectangle.

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab for kids box and contents
This soap lab comes with everything you see here.

Three different colors mean kids can mix to make almost any shade they want. Rose-scented drops give the final product a distinct scent. The kit also includes enough ingredients to make multiple soaps, as well as containers for mixing, stirring, and pouring ingredients. A guidebook gives kids step-by-step instructions with illustrations, making it easy for kids to complete the craft themselves.

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab for kids beakers and soap mold
Use the included colors, beakers, and mol to make unique soaps.

Best of all, they learn about chemistry while making something fun and useful. Kids can use the soaps themselves, or give them as gifts to friends and family. They can make one soap in less than an hour, or spend more time experimenting with different shapes and colors. They will need a microwave to melt the ingredients, so depending on your child’s age, they may require assistance with that step. The kit also comes with gloves to help keep kids safe and clean while they work with the different ingredients. 

MindWare Science Academy Soap Lab for kids homemade soap rainbow fairy
Kids end up with colorful, sweet-smelling soaps they can use.

Kids can learn about the different ingredients and how they react while they create their own decorative and functional cleaning product. Watch them dig into the lessons with the extra information provided by the booklet, and see what kinds of colorful soap your kids create. 

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