Our Favorite Books for Toddlers

Toddler pulling books off bookshelves onto floor

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Captivating Reads for Little Minds

Toddler pulling books off bookshelves onto floor
  • What: Our Favorite Books for Toddlers
  • When: 12 to 36 months
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable, fun
  • Where: At home

Toddlers have a notoriously short attention span. So if you want to enjoy some quiet time reading out loud together, but have run out of book ideas, never fear. This list of books comes complete with ideas from classic tales that have stood the test of time to new books sure to please even the most discerning toddler. Pick one or more and settle down with your toddler and a good read.

Classic books for toddlers Richard Scarry Dr. Seuss Curious George Go Dog. Go! Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Classic Titles for Toddlers: Look no further than your own favorite tales in this collection of timeless stories. These picture books have stood the test of time for good reason. Popular with multiple generations of readers, they delight with every turn of the page. If you want a good read for giving on a special occasion, or just a book to enjoy at home yourselves, these tales will occupy your shelves for years.

best board books for toddlers Moo Baa La La La Sandra Boynton Sheep in a Jeep Nancy Shaw Bright Baby Books Farm Animals Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Bill Martin

More Best Board Books for Toddlers: If your little one isn’t ready for paper pages yet, this list has you covered. These sturdy books stand up to repeat readings and much more. With multiple theme sure to become one of your child’s favorites, these board books make great reading companions. 

Interactive board books for infants toddlers preschoolers Cheerios Play book Usborne touch and feel Alphaprints and Scanimation Swing!

Best Interactive Books for Small Kids: If your child requires more than rhyming words or bright pictures to capture their attention, these books go beyond words and pages. Each one offers a variety of different ways for toddlers to get involved with reading. From using food as props to a variety of textures and sounds, these books make reading more fun and interesting.

Board books for toddlers The Very Cranky Bear Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? and I'm Dirty in a fanned stack

New Classic Books for Toddlers: While these books didn’t exist more than a generation ago, they still have lots to offer. When you want to go beyond your childhood collection, these simple reads will delight toddlers and adults alike. From magical trains to dirty construction vehicles, find something to love in the new collection of classic titles for the littlest readers.

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