See How to Bring the Excitement Home With These Football Inspirations

Electric football game field with snacks of chips, cheese dip, apple slices, and cheese curls

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Super Football Themed Fun for Everyone

Electric football game field with snacks of chips, cheese dip, apple slices, and cheese curls
  • What: Football Fun
  • When: February 12, 2023
  • Why: Get everyone in on the fun
  • Where: At home

Have you started to think about the big game? The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl LXVII on Sunday, February 12th, 2023. Whether you love the commercials, the halftime show, the snacks, or the actual game, these items can help kids get into the spirit of game day.

Football wooden peg travel game with board rules printed on wooden board pegs and mini dice in package

Football Peg Game: This tiny game packs tons of fun. Kids (and adults!) take turns rolling the dice and moving their colored pegs along the football field. Each possible roll of the dice corresponds to a popular football play, from touchdowns to interceptions. Unlike the real game, this one only takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Pit your luck against those in your household and see who comes out the champion.

Dolphins page spread from Panini NFL sticker book collectors album 2018

NFL Sticker Book: Let kids explore all the different parts of the team with this sticker book. It includes pages for each of the 32 NFL teams. Buy packets of stickers and field your fantasy team. Or just try and collect all your favorite players from past and current seasons. You can buy the stickers alone, or use the album to organize and store them.

Glowcity light up soccer ball kids size 5 black and orange

Light Up Football: Take your game up a level with this light up ball. The illumination comes on with a touch (or a kick), making it easy and fun to see the ball. It works wonders for late night games, or short winter days when the sun sets long before kids get done playing outside. 

NFL Showdown big play cards

NFL Showdown Game: Recreate the magic of the big game with this board game. It comes with logos and plays for the NFL teams. Choose your own competitors or pit the Chiefs against the Eagles in your own recreation of the big game without all the fanfare and advertising. The game offers two ways to play. Use the starter method and choose one of the three play cards on offense, while your opponent picks a defensive play to run. Flip the cards over at the same time to see the results of the play. Three colored dice help determine yards gained (or lost!), turnovers, and more. Or kick it up a notch in pro mode and compete with all the play cards in your hand to give your team even more options.

Two teams lined up on the 20 yard line in NFL Electric Football game

Electric Football: This electronic game has tiny football figures on an electrified field. Turn on the power for each play and see how far your players can make it. Kids can even try their hand at kicking field goals thanks to the tiny felt footballs and special kicking figures. Plastic cleats attached to the base of each figure help determine direction, speed, and more on each play. While the game involves a lot of set up between plays (much like the real thing), kids love watching the players take the field and execute plays.

Football beads and homemade printed card valentines kids

Football Beads: Got a kid who loves crafts more than sports? They can get in on the action, too. In addition to stickers, you can get football-shaped beads to make jewelry, decorations, and more. Or choose your team’s colors to add another element to their designs. Simple projects with beads and pipe cleaners can keep kids busy while the big game plays out on TV.

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