New Uses for Old Things: IKEA Pruta Food Storage Containers

IKEA Pruta food storage containers stacked and nested in kitchen cabinet

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Storage Beyond the Fridge 

IKEA Pruta food storage containers stacked and nested in kitchen cabinet
  • What: New Uses for IKEA Pruta Food Storage
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Affordable, versatile, useful
  • Where: At home

Did you purchase a set of IKEA food containers when making your infant’s baby food? Maybe you needed an affordable option for keeping food fresh during the toddler years, when kids required tons of snacks and small servings. But if your collection has outgrown your kitchen needs, consider some alternate uses for these affordable and versatile containers.

Kitchen drawer filled with IKEA Pruta food containers and lids with other brightly colored dishes

Kitchen Organization: We use the upright Pruta containers to corral other kids’ dishes and supplies. From straw replacements for their water bottles, to the lids and small pieces of their dish sets, one container can do it all. One of the many sizes will fit in your kitchen drawers or cabinets, making it easy to keep track of small parts.

IKEA Pruta clear food storage containers holding oatmeal packets and snacks

Pantry Supplies: These clear containers also work great for pantry staples. Snack items like fruit leather and Z Bars bought in bulk can easily be stored in these containers. The clear color makes it obvious how much remains at any given time. The uniformity of the containers to hold oatmeal packets and almost anything else makes organizing simple enough for kids.

Bathroom Buddies: These containers also work great outside the kitchen. The shorter dishes keep hair ties and barrettes sorted. Or use them to make sure kids have everything they need for their after school activities. A small container holds extra bobby pins or small items like jewelry  removed for sports. Kids will also have less trouble finding small items in their sports bags or backpacks thanks to these boxes. 

Red Legos sorted into red drawer from rainbow storage drawer with small container of pink Lego in middle

Toys: Use one as a divider in your LEGO rainbow drawers to keep bricks that don’t warrant an entire drawer separate. Or store the tiny Calico Critter accessories that would otherwise get lost with them. As an added bonus, they make it more difficult for younger siblings to access tiny pieces that pose choking hazards, while still keeping the toys accessible for bigger kids.

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