Three Things We Love About February

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old

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Little Joys During a Short Month

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old
  • What: Three Things We Love About February
  • When: The shortest month of the year
  • Why: Share the love
  • Where: At home

February often seems to fly by. Instead of focusing on all the fun things kids can create for a day filled with love, we thought we’d highlight all the reasons to fall in love with the shortest month of the year. (Of course, if you want Valentine’s crafts, you can always find them here.)

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Longer Days: Up here in the northern hemisphere, by February you can finally notice the longer daylight hours. After school activities don’t always end in the dark anymore, and you can still squeeze in a few minutes of daylight after school or work if you’re lucky enough to live in certain parts of the country. Regardless of your location, you can notice a marked difference in the length of day at the beginning and end of the month.

Family Focus: With no major holidays, parents can finally find a bit of time to unwind and soak in the family fun. This month’s festive occasion calls for finding ways both big and small to show those around you how much you care. Whether you have a date night with your sweetie planned, or a day of candy-filled fun, or an outing with friends, enjoy the love this month.

Fresh Starts: January may be all about new resolutions, but February lets us get into the swing of things with less guilt. With a break before spring sports and travel begins, we can enjoy the daily routine without getting bogged down with expectations. Kids have settled into the school year even after the big winter break, leaving more time to focus on what tops the priority list for your family.

Share your favorite February highlights in the comments!

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