This Is Our Favorite Magazine for School Aged Kids

Multiple issues of The Week Junior news and facts for kids

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Get All the News They Need to Know in One Place

Multiple issues of The Week Junior news and facts for kids
  • What: The Week Junior
  • When: 6 to 14 years
  • Why: Educational, entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid who loves current events? Want to introduce your child to news tailored just for them? If you want help broadening your child’s global perspective, start with The Week Junior, the magazine made just for kids in the know. 

The Week Junior Subscription on Amazon

The Week Junior arrives in your mailbox once a week and comes chock full of statistics, reports, and updates on events around the globe. Kids love the short articles with topics focused on their interests. From big sporting events to space and animals, each issue has plenty of information to offer. Regular sections on national news, global events, technology, arts and more will keep kids turning the pages. Each issue also features games, puzzles, and a project to keep kids enthralled even longer.

Science and technology pages from The Week Junior magazine for kids featuring China's space station, new park in Madrid, a battery powered by light and water, and
Each section contains multiple articles written just for kids.

My kids especially love the featured full page photos on the back of each cover. Based on the responses from other readers, they aren’t the only ones. Quizzes at the end of each issue test how much information readers retain. Kids can connect their ideas and opinions to the broader community thanks to polls, comments, and feedback from other young people.

Back cover photos of The Week Junior magazine for kids featuring
My kids adore the full page back cover photo on each issue.

If you want to enlighten your child, or just give them a way to explore the world around them in an age-appropriate way, don’t hesitate to sign up for The Week Junior.

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