The Best Way to Increase Your Carrying Capacity Without Breaking Your Back

Trolley Dolly shopping grocery folding cart in aqua Moroccan tile design parked outside grocery store

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This Remarkable Item Can Handle So Much Stuff

Trolley Dolly shopping grocery folding cart in aqua Moroccan
  • What: Trolley Dolly Foldable Cart
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Compact, lightweight, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Have your kids outgrown their stroller? Do you find yourself missing the carrying capacity of their wheeled transportation? If, like me, you got used to tossing everything from groceries to supplies to shopping in the basket underneath the stroller, and want to continue to load things on wheels instead of your arms or back, look no further than a Trolley Dolly Foldable Cart.

Trolley Dolly Folding Cart on Amazon

This wheeled cart goes the distance. It boasts a huge carrying capacity of 110 pounds, beyond that of any stroller I’ve pushed. (And in almost thirty years, I’ve pushed a lot of strollers.) It is easy to load and unload. The stiff material holds up to heavy cargo and inclement weather equally well. The sturdy wheels can handle almost any terrain with ease, from sidewalks to curbs to offroading. You can remove the bag and carry it separately thanks to a handy shoulder strap. Or use the cart alone as a dolly to transport just about anything. The padded handle makes it easy to haul even fully loaded.

Trolley Dolly foldable grocery shopping cart in aqua Moroccan tile pattern close up of mesh side pocket and front pocket
This big bag offers lots of pockets as well as a ton of capacity in the main compartment.

When not in use, this cart folds down and takes up less space. Kids will also love to pull it. It works wonders at the library, when I can’t handle hauling their beloved books home and back. It has no trouble handling a weekly grocery run for a family of five. The front pocket offers a secure place to keep small items, with a hook and loop closure. The main compartment closes with a drawstring, but also has a flap that covers the top. Mesh side pockets offer even more possibilities for items with easy access, like water bottles or snacks. A zippered pocket tucked inside can handle even more small items.

Pile of groceries for family on kitchen counter hauled in Trolley Dolly foldable cart
I hauled all of these groceries home in my Trolley Dolly.

I’ve had my cart for more than three years and it’s still going strong. I use it on a regular basis to haul groceries and books home. It fits into my tiny closet when not in use, and sets up in minutes. Simply fold the main handle up, secure the bag over the handle using the stitched in loop on the back, and fasten the hook and loop over the small bar between the rails. It can haul party supplies into large parks, or food and towels for the beach.

Trolley Dolly folding grocery shopping cart folded and tucked away in a small closet underneath hacket and next to shoes
This cart folds down compactly when not in use, as seen in my tiny closet here. You can remove the bag completely to make it even smaller.

If you need extra carrying capacity on wheels, look no further than this multi-purpose cart. 

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