Stuffed S’mores Fun for Kids

Squishable mini comfort food roasted marshmallows on stick s'mores stuffed toy

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All the Joy With None of the Mess

Squishables Marshmallows on a stick stuffed plush toys
  • What: Squishable Marshmallow Plush
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Adorable, fun, multiple age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

Clamoring for campfires and the delicious treats you can make? Can’t wait for summer to take your adventures outdoors? If you want some squishy fun before the camping season gets underway, hook your kids up with this adorable Squishable Marshmallow Plush.

Squishables Mini Comfort Food Marshmallow Plush on Amazon

Kids can’t resist these stuffed marshmallows on a stick. You get three marshmallows in varying degrees of happiness on a roasting stick. And who can blame them? The marshmallow on fire definitely has reasons to complain. The second marshmallow looks slightly toasted, while the pristine one on the bottom loves life. All three marshmallows slide easily on and off the sturdy stick.

Squishables plush stuffed marshmallows stacked in triangle with removable stick laid in front
These cuddly marshmallows come off the stick.

My eight-year-old son bought not one but two of these stuffed marshmallow treats when he recently earned some serious money. He loves launching them off the stick to send them flying through the air. He wanted two sets so he could compete in marshmallow jousts and battles with his siblings. All three of our kids love tossing these soft cuddly toys at each other, and trying to ring them back on the sticks. (Which from an adult perspective, seems impossible.)

Eight year old playing with Squishables mini comfort food marshmallows plush stuffed toys
My son loves these plush toys so much he bought two.

Whether you want to bring some of the fun of camping home, have a kid who can’t get enough stuffed animals, or want all the joys of s’mores with none of the sticky mess, these Squishable Marshmallows make excellent treats.

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